Create. Captivate. Communicate. Verglas Media is a production company born through years of experience creating the visual building blocks used to communicate complex concepts in far away places – or right around the corner. Whether commercial, promotional or educational, we aim to tell relevant and meaningful stories about our world. When art and science partner, inspiration follows. Our team brings a wide range of technical expertise, creative problem-solving and fresh ideas to each and every project. From concept and script to release and promotion, our skills will energize your story and enable your message to come to life. Whether in the field or on the set, our videography captures the striking visuals behind the story, and each artful edit conveys intention and continuity. Our digital graphics add context and illumination, animating your story on screen and in print. We will help your message leave the screen and reach the world via a modern website. Our studio in West Virginia locates us near some of the greatest metropolitan areas of the U.S. while keeping us in touch with some of the last remaining wilds of the east. Our travel around the country – and world – fuels our connection to this planet and its people. With eight of the the most inventive spherical films ever made, pioneering work with modern 3-D video techniques, and countless high definition videos under our belt, we offer you an unmatched array of production skills to help you reach your goal. That’s our story. Contact us today and start telling yours!