Wanderlust: Going West

WANDERLUST: GOING WEST is a new short film by Verglas Media that offers the viewer a journey though some of the most iconic visuals of the American West. While some tracking shots are used to provide a sense of movement and capture the sensation road-tripping, the film makes significant use of time-lapse photography as its main technique for image capture. Most of the sequences consist of hundreds of individual still photographs when, strung together in editing software, provide a glimpse through time not available to the naked eye alone. Since the advent of DSLRs that also function as respectable HD video cameras, the team at Verglas Media has been developing their skills in the re-invigorated art form of time-lapse photography. And, speaking of video, there are a few sequences that were shot at the video rate of 30 frames per second, allowing for more temporal detail to be captured as required by the action taking place.

So, that may be the technical story, but what we feel is at the heart of this piece is the human experience of travel and connection to place. Many of the scenes take place in protected regions of the United States and are part of the National Park system. These places have generally become iconic, even representative of our country. However, they are just one square of the quilt, albeit a visually captivating square. A trip across the U. S. reveals many other stories of people and places, and our hope with this short film is that others will be inspired to seek out these stories for themselves.

All photography in the film is by Victoria Weeks and Eric Erbe, with editing by Victoria and music by DP Kaufman, specifically “This Was Never Our Mountain.”

Please visit our blog, Precipitations, to get a detailed overview of our locations as well as a little more about our inspiration to create the film.

Wanderlust: Going West – The Movie and Locations

Wanderlust: Going West – The Inspiration

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